Your Home and Your Health

Your Home and Your Health

There are tons of risks associated with living in a dirty home, which can affect both your health and that of your loved ones. A research study done by The Indiana University found out that people who lived in clean homes lived a healthier life, and exercised more. Moreover, living in a dirty house affects your stress levels and typically turns you into a disorganized, disoriented and unproductive being. With all these risks at play, it is important to maintain high cleanliness standards at home, as it guarantees you and your family a healthy, comfortable life.

With that in mind you are probably wondering

What is the importance of living in a clean house?

How does this affect my family and me?

Relax. In this article, I will show you four main reasons why you should always ensure that your home is clean and the benefits of doing so.

Let’s dive right in.

1.Prevention of Diseases and Illnesses

Living in a clean home is the single most effective way of maintaining a healthy living. This is because living in untidy areas with carpeting, upholstery or bedding, or damp, increases the chances of illnesses and allergies. It also enhances the survival of disease-causing organisms like germs, pests and viruses. If your home is dirty, it is more likely that the air quality is poor, which may trigger allergic reactions and avoidable illnesses like Asthma. Dust mites, pests from pets and germs from an unclean home environment can be detrimental to your health and that of your loved ones. The kitchen, which is considered to be one of dirtiest rooms in a typical home due to the numerous spots that hold water and bits of food. According to the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), a dirty kitchen is a habitat for deadly germs like Salmonella, E. coli, yeast and mould that are responsible for one in every six illnesses in America In order to keep away the organisms that pose a health risk to your family and yourself, it is crucial to always maintain a clean house.


Nobody wants to invite his or her friends, family or co-workers to a dirty home! This does not only affect your overall personal/family image but also creates a negative perception about you. Have you invited friends over and they didn’t show signs of wanting to visit again? It is probably because you are not as clean as you thought. A study done by took into account the experiences of ladies in the homes of over 2000 men while on a date. The research revealed that more than 49% of the women were repelled by a smelly, untidy and disorganized man’s home despite having loved their personality and overall looks. This also applies to men who visited their date’s house for the first time.
An unclean house can, therefore, affect your relationship with friends, family and co-workers. The cleaner and organized your home is, the better your chances of maintaining a long-term relationship with important people in your life.

3.Improves Safety

According to Gary Bettenhausen, Bureau Chief of EMS from the Oak Lawn Fire Department, the two leading causes of deaths and injuries in a typical US home are falls and fires. Most injuries, for example, result from tripping over objects or slipping on surfaces. This causes head injuries, sprained or broken limbs, which can be avoided by maintaining a clean home or fatal if overlooked. Moreover, having stuff around the house that blocks hallways, aeration points and doorways are potential fire hazards. Having an untidy and disorganized house can, in fact, hasten the spread of fire and mitigate the chances of escaping or being rescued. As a safety measure, most fire departments across the US recommend that you maintain a clean and organized living abode as it increases the chances of safety and rescue in case of an emergency.

4.Lowers Stress and Fatigue Levels

An untidy home can heighten your levels of stress and fatigue, which is detrimental to your health. Taking a long time to find something in a disorganized house increases stress levels and causes time wastage. Living in a dirty home subconsciously reminds you that there is a lot of work that requires to be done. Walking into an untidy home after a long day at work does not only affect your motivation but also puts your health and that of your family at risk.


Have you been feeling disoriented, unmotivated and stressed? It is probably because you are living in an untidy and disorganized home. By maintaining a clean home, you will always look forward to getting home after a long day at work. This reduces stress levels, keeps you organized and boosts your overall productivity in everything you do.


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