Kanken is the most popular backpack style from Fjallraven

I love Fjallraven; the company can be credited in many ways to the evolution of the modern book bag and how it distributes weight. The Kanken bags are made from “Vinylon-F” which is a, largely waterproof, synthetic material developed in the 40s. At the fastest time, he flashed out his yellow pouch and took out multiple pieces of ten notes to pay for the bag. He told me it took him almost a year to save up, but I was surprised how he is willing to part with his hard-earned savings.

I’ve purchased one of these bags but I’m so far on my second with their stellar warrantee; the first one sat too close to an old gas heater and disintegrated, but Fjallraven was quick to replace it with a brand new bag after I informed them of what happened. I think the traditional look of these coupled with their (relatively decent) durability make them an obvious go-to for everything from school to casual business meetings.

The Fjallraven Kanken 13″ Laptop Backpack features a timeless design and long-lasting construction to store your school gear, laptop and other travel essentials. The versatile design can be carried as backpack with padded straps or a bag via the dual top handles. Large main compartment with dedicated laptop sleeve. Front zippered pocket and side slip pocket. This bag is climate compensated meaning Fjallraven has supported renewable energy projects to compensate for the emissions that occur in production and transportation of this bag.Kanken Mini

A small range is available at Tangs, and lookout for sale up to 30% off. I prefer to go online as there are more options to choose from. A good selection in SGD are the herschel bags from Zalora for the ladies and for the opposite sex. There is 30 days free return and free delivery above SGD$40 and offer discounts up to 70% for other brands too.

A hiking backpack can easily become dirty, so how do you wash your Kajka backpack if it get’s dirty? The outer fabric on Kajka is made out of Vinylon F, it should be washed gently with lukewarm water and a soft brush. If you wish to use gentle soap to remove dirt you have to be prepared that some of the protective wax may disappear.

Classic Kanken backpack with zipper that opens the entire main compartment. Very hardwearing vinylon fabric. Removable seat cover at the back. Simple shoulder straps and handle on top. Reflector in the logo. We love these classic Swedish school backpacks in a wide array of colors. The Kanken is the most popular backpack style from Fjallraven measuring about 12″x14″. The rucksack has nylon webbing backpack straps as well as regular handles at the top. One front zip pocket and larger zip pocket.

The original Fjallraven Kanken was launched in 1978 to spare the backs of school children as back problems had begun to appear in increasingly younger age groups and shoulder bags were popular. Kanken has many simple, clear functions. Made out of durable, lightweight Vinylon F, the large main compartment features a large opening making it easy to put in/take out items.Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

While the Kanken backpack isn’t very likely to tear, it can be susceptible to scuffs from everyday use – especially if you’re carrying it with you on busy public transit. For some Kanken owners (like me), however, this adds character to the bag and gives it a more worn-in, vintage look over time. It’s definitely worth noting that lighter colors are much more likely to show their scuff marks than darker shades.

This is a super durable pack with beautiful lines and clean seams (no hanging strings). I love it but it is pretty small so I’m exchanging for the medium. It is not comfortable if you have a lot of heavy books in it because they dig into your back. I’m hoping that with a larger pack this won’t be as much of a problem. Fjallraven Kanken: The bags ranges from £43.00 for a mini,  £55.00 for a classic and £75.00 for the big size – or around SGD$69 from some online stores.

Kanken Mini Backpack was released in the same year that help prevent back problems seen among Swedish school children who carry heavy school books. It has begun to appear as a major problem among the kids. Kanken mini bags are made especially for children for more comfort and lightweight, even adults who needs a small backpack. It is convenient to carry necessities such as wallet, lunch box and others. The shoulder straps can be easily adjusted and can be fastened. It has a large space in the main compartment that make it easier to pack. The bag comes with two side pockets and front pocket. It is equipped with sitting pad that is located at the back.kankenbackpack

I used on myself when I went to school, but in high school it became to small for my books (before the laptop age, and a enormous physics book), so my father inhered it. He have been using it five days a week in every weather when he rides his bike for work, and the only sign of wear is that the colour have fainted a little. Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Fjallraven Kanken Backpack keeps your daily essentials securely stowed in classic Scandinavian style. The water-resistant Vinylon F fabric keeps books and notepads protected during light rain, and the removable seat pad gives you a plush place to sit your rear while you wait for the bus.

The history of Fjallraven dates back to the early 1950’s when ake Nordin, a young Swedish outdoorsman, grew frustrated with the poorly designed backpacks that were available for sale at the time. Committed to coming up with a solution, Nordin came up with his first backpack design – a large wooden-frame bag made out of cotton and leather straps. In 1960, the young Swedish entrepreneur registered Fjallraven at his family’s one-room home, with ake operating his design room and workshop out of the cellar.

The bags retails more in major departmental stores like Tangs, but you can source for a local person that does mass ordering to bring in the bags in a much lesser price. Alternatively, different online stores like Zalora, Asos, Revolvclothing and Hypebeast also carries certain styles not available on the website. Basic backpacks from the size of Settlement and Popquiz is around $60-$90, where the Little America can range from $113 – $300 depending whether is it limited edition and the season.fjallraven

So when shopping for backpacks for my 6 year old to start school with, we found out the choices are pretty limitless. From Disney Princesses to Hello Kitty, TMNT to Minecraft, you have every option under the sun. Of all these choices, my munchkin decided on the Fjallraven Kanken and I couldn’t be happier. Not only is the bag really well constructed, but I won’t be replacing it any time soon as her tastes in pop culture change.

The Fjallraven Backpack has long been the most popular backpack in Sweden thanks to its unforgettable style and its long-lasting, quality construction. A favorite of both children and adults for nearly four decades, the Kanken has seen a huge surge in popularity throughout Europe and North America over the past few years – especially among style-conscious adults and trendy urban commuters.

Iconic style meets dependable functionality with the classic Kanken Backpack. Originally designed for Swedish school bag children, its sleek design and durable materials have made it a much-loved favorite for kids and adults alike. This product will be shipped directly from Fjallraven and will leave their warehouse in 2-3 business days. Eligible for UPS ground shipping only.fjallraven backpack

Can be carried as a backpack or a bag via convertible straps, Padded laptop sleeve holds up to 13″ laptop, Includes removable seat pad, Adjustable, padded shoulder straps, Large main compartment, Side slip pocket for water bottle, Front zippered pocket for small storage, Climate compensated for the emissions that occur in production and transportation, Name and address label on inside, Fabric: Vinylon F; 100% Vinylal.

Kanken was launched in 1978 to spare the backs of school children. Back problems had begun to appear in increasingly younger age groups and shoulder bags were popular. Kanken has many simple, clear functions. The backpack soon became a common sight at pre-schools and nature schools around the country. The idea of using a backpack quickly spread, as did Kanken. It is just as popular today, and an excellent choice for school, outings or biking to work. Kanken is made out of durable, lightweight Vinylon F.

The large main compartment with a large opening makes it easy to put in/take out items. Two side pockets and a zippered pocket in the front. Handle at the top, narrow, supple shoulder straps, sitting pad in the pocket in the back and logo that doubles as a reflector. In the summer of 1978 a lot of Swedes could read about how backproblems were appearing in increasingly younger age groups. The solution became Kanken.fjallraven-kanken-mini-blue-backpack

Originally designed to improve back health and posture among Swedish schoolchildren, the Fjallraven Kanken has become one of the most sought-after backpacks for everyone from college students to parents to professional photographers. There are nearly no limits to the number of uses for the Kanken, with many loyal Fjallraven owners using it as their number one go-to bag no matter what the role.

A favorite of school kids, hipsters, and vintage enthusiasts, the Fjallraven Kanken backpack can be recognized all over the world. With an old-school look and a huge variety of colors, there’s for sure a Fjallraven Kanken pack that will let you either stand out from the crowd, or blend in a bit. Whatever you prefer. Personally, I’ve been trying to get Fjallraven to make a glow-in-the-dark Kanken backpack, so that I can really set myself apart from everyone else. They won’t return my calls. The Kanken rucksack can be carried as a backpack or can be converted into a bag via convertible straps. Pretty neat, I know.

Kinda expensive for what you actually get. I don’t think there will notice a difference in durability between Fjallraven and Jansport, but the Jansport will cost quite a bit less. Vinylon-F (with tag inside read as Polyvinyl Alkohol), is tough, rough and sturdy material. The first touch on the bag is recognized by its rough surface, if you compare it with the fake Kanken, you’ll notice that most of the fake one’s are a soft, canvas/cloths material. You can tell from afar for fake material is often shiny. This is one of the characteristic the fake one couldn’t replicate.Kanken_large

Convert your Kanken into a stylish camera bag with the Kanken Photo Insert. The DSLR Camera Bag Insert has been designed to specifically fit the Kanken Classic and Kanken No.2. The padded insert holds a DSLR Camera, extra lens, memory cards, filter etc and includes a small zippered box to keep all of those little bits such as memory cards safe and in one place. No one does functional simplicity like Scandinavians!

This backpack is just that, simple, lightweight, comfortable and just right for adventures. I recently look it on a girls trip to Big Sur and it was perfect for day hikes as well as window shopping in Carmel. If your an organized pocket junkie this may not be the pack for you but I like the simplicity and the size is just right for holding what you need but small enough that you don’t overload it and kill your back. Happy adventuring!

The two side pockets and zippered pocket in the front add storage and organization. The handle at the top, narrow, supple shoulder straps, sitting pad in the pocket in the back, and logo that doubles as a reflector all make the Kanken a perfect everyday backpack that will last for years. Although it was originally designed for children, it wasn’t very long before adults all over Sweden began searching out the Fjallraven Kanken bag for their own personal use. And just like that, the Kanken established itself as one of the most popular Swedish backpacks of all time.

There are several ranges of the  Kanken bag  by Fjallraven. Each of the product brings different functionality and purposes in different outdoor situations. The range of bag is made from durable vinylon F. The classic Kanken is the first product that goes on sale for the first time in 1978. This bag has a room for any 13 inch laptop that comes with padded compartment to protect the electronic device. Padded shoulder straps are included to provide extra comfort when you carry your bags. There is also one large compartment with two side pockets and front pocket.History+of+Kanken

This is a great looking and well made backpack I bought it as an alternative to a purse for travel. The reality is that the closures make it very inconvenient to get in and out of the pack with ease. Also, the interior is small, cramped and obstructed by a floppy drawstring closure on the inside. It takes getting used to. Stylish is not always convenient. Having said that, it is very light to carry around all day due to its design.

There are lots of camera bags out there for DSLRs, however, we think it’s really difficult to find a stylish one that doesn’t obviously look like a camera bag. The Kanken Photo insert is the best of both worlds as it quickly and easily transforms your Kanken Bag into the stylish camera bag you’ve been looking for, thus reducing the risk of being a target for thieves on your trip.

Fjallraven (translated “Arctic fox”) began with a kanken. For you non-Swedes out there, that’s a ‘rucksack,’ and one good enough to survive the harsh Nordic seasons at that. For ake Nordin, an avid outdoorsman and Fjallraven’s founder, a good backpack meant carrying more weight more comfortably, which became the design philosophy behind his first backpack. That first pack was made 40 years ago, but surprisingly little has changed since — which explains why we’re still such big fans of the Kanken pack in frost green.Kanken_backpack

I also found that the outer shell’s fabric attracts surface stains frequently. Many times after my commute, I’ve looked down to see my bag has some mystery marks. (Don’t ever change, public trans!) I was pretty disappointed by this, but fortunately the surface stains do not penetrate easily, and stains can be rubbed off with your hands or a dry towel. I’ve spotted some Kanken‘s in the wilds of San Francisco and seen that lighter shades show the most stains, so keep in that mind when selecting your color.

Absolutely minimalist, I must admit it was the Kanken’s looks that initially drew me in. There are 36 color variations and I went with ‘Graphite’ after at least 3 days of rumination. (I don’t do well with too much choice.) The runners up were ‘Frost Green,’ ‘Sky Blue,’ and ‘Fog.’ The bold branding is absolutely adorable and the logo is reflective in the dark!

Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kanken has since become a well-loved and iconic backpack for children and adults around the world Durable Vinylon fabric construction, which repels moisture better than any other synthetic fabric Durable Polypropylene webbing carry handles and adjustable shoulder straps Internal 13″ laptop sleeve pocket Single front pocket with zipper closure Side pockets for water bottles and additional gear.fjallraven kanken backpack

Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kanken has since become our most well-loved and iconic backpack for children and adults around the world.  Made from our durable Vinylon F fabric, which repels moisture better than any other synthetic fabric, the Kanken is unparalleled in its functionality and design.